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22 clever minds think about the future – An interactive art presentation with dance and theatre performance.

A cooperation of Hope Human Rights e.V. , Community School St. Gebhard, Cultural Office of Constance and Youth Centre Constance. Funding within the framework of the programme “make dance + theatre strong” of the Federal Association of Independent Performing Arts e.V.

At the beginning of the one-and-a-half-year project, artistic methods (dance, theatre, visual arts) were used to initiate a research process on the paradox of “the foreign other and global networking” as well as on the topics of human rights, tolerance and exploring one’s own attitude to this. Through joint city excursions, theatre visits and conversations with passers-by and actors regarding questions about their own approach to human rights were expanded. Especially with a view, for example, to people who have fled or people with disabilities,  the places of learning and experience to include new perspectives and allowing invisible barriers to be broken down.

Starting from the topic of human rights, the topic of climate protection was added in the second half of the year. Due to the current discourse around the “Fridays for Future” movement, the young people now concentrated more on the human right to a clean environment and a secure future.

In an interactive showcase on 6 March 2020, a dance and theatre performance by the young people was presented to around 200 parents, teachers and other interested parties in the youth centre of the city of Constance, which addressed their attitude to climate and environmental protection and made it accessible and understandable to those present in an impressive way. This performance was developed with the young people under the guidance of Tanja Jäckel and Marvin Paulo-Muhongo, the texts were written by the young people themselves. In addition, those present were called upon to express their own opinions on various questions such as “How do you imagine the architecture of the future? Would you take in a climate refugee from the Netherlands?”. In addition, artworks by the young people that emerged from their engagement with the theme were displayed and engaged in a participatory process with those present. The results of the interaction with the participating people on this evening will be documented and recorded by the young people and made accessible at a later date.