Message to the world // Corona

A video exchange in times of crisis, to promote and accompany the cultural dialogue between young people from Germany and Tanzania.

In August and October 2019, the human rights organisation Hope Human Rights e.V. had the unique opportunity to conduct a cultural exchange with 12 young people, each lasting two weeks, with an art school for dance and music (MUDA) in Tanzania and Germany.
One year later, the two exchange partners would like to support each other in the face of the global crisis, show solidarity and work on deepening the partnerships through the media platforms of their respective projects. For this purpose, the young people participating in the project will develop and film their own music and dance choreographies with the theme of the Corona crisis. These artistic contributions will be exchanged with the cultural exchange friends in Dar es Salaam as a “message to the world” via social media. The aim is to provide an opportunity for individuals to express their fears, concerns and hopes about the consequences of the Corona crisis through the artistic methods of dance, music and theatre in the form of a video.

Global cooperation is the only chance in the fight against the world’s crises, including the Corona virus. Nevertheless, border closures are increasingly sold as the solutions to current problems. Be it flows of people, pandemics or natural disasters – but this approach only suggests that everything will be better when the “evil enemy” is on the other side of the fence. But it is precisely in times of crisis that the world must stand together!
It has become a message of hope, solidarity and cooperation.