Dance- and Theatre Project Africa

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The association is working on a cultural exchange for 2019, with a Dance- and Drama Group from Constance and an artistically minded group from Africa. Both groups should visit each other in their respective countries and artistically work with one and other, on a joint theme and transpose it into Dance, Drama, Music and Art.

Adolescents and young people are specifically interested on questions about global equality and therewith about the sustainability ambitions of the United Nations.  In accordance with the interexchange project, within the scope of cultural Education, and  due to the joint artistic learning processes; about the complexity of global coherences, learning to discuss and to position oneself.  Through individual encounters and insights, as well as the life’s realities in the partner countries they acquire the chance to reflect on their own part in a globally cross linked network, and to attain competencies about the responsibilities and lay out of a more righteous and more balanced world society.  For example the Dance- and Theatre Group from Constance could mutually work and generate with a Dance- and Theatre Group from Tansania, comiling a choreography on a Dance- and Drama Setting on the themes of Human Rights.