Being a guest at MUDA in Tanzania

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Preparation of the international cultural exchange for young people in 2019. Dance and theatre workshop with MUDA successfully carried out.

Hope Human Rights e.V.  was on site with Andreas Baur and Tanja Jäckel with our partner Music and Dance  “MUDAAfrica” in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania this summer.  The aim of the trip was to get to know the partner and to plan a mutual cultural exchange in the form of dance, music and theatre. MUDA is a school in Dar es Salaam where young people from disadvantaged social families receive professional training in dance, theatre and music.

HOPE board member Andreas Baur and dance and theatre teacher Tanja Jäckel met with the head of MUDA, Rachel Kessi, for a first direct meeting at the artists’ collective “Nafasi Art Space” in Dar es Salaam. MUDA is a part of Nafasi, in which about 40 artists of different disciplines are active and working.

The first meeting mainly served to compare ideas between the partners on what the groups of young people from Dar es Salaam and Constance could concretely develop and present in a joint project. The main focus was on the different perspectives and competences of the young people from Europe and Africa. The first concrete ideas were already developed on how to break down cultural barriers – and how to strengthen cultural bridges. Especially the different competences of the dance-competent Tanzanian group would be an ideal enrichment with the theatre- and music-strong young people from Constance. Also the fact that in Tanzania more young men dance than women is a clear contrast to the partners from Constance, who can also bring young women with musical instruments into the performance; “….each group could thus ideally bring in their respective strengths for the exchange, I am already looking forward to the performance in Tanzania and Germany,” says Rachel Kessi, the director of MUDA Tanzania.

After the first meeting, further meetings with the Tanzanian partners took place in the next few days, e.g. for concrete project planning for the submission of a funding application in Germany to the funding initiative “weltwaerts” in a one-day workshop. In addition, Tanja Jäckel and the artistic director of MUDA, Ian Mwaisunga, gave a dance and theatre workshop for the dancers.

The HOPE delegates also met with the Director of the „Tanzania Youth Coalition“, Lenin Kazoba, to talk about the exchange project with MUDA and Hope Human Rights and to hear his previous project experiences with German partners.

Tanja Jäckel summarised the meeting as follows: “I was thrilled by the skills and interest of the young dancers, I am convinced that we will set up a highly interesting cultural exchange with MUDA and I am already looking forward to seeing our new friends in Tanzania next year”.

The youth cultural exchange is to be funded through an application to the weltwärts funding initiative. The funding line for encounter projects in the context of the “Agenda 2030” is an offer for development policy youth group exchanges. Groups of young people from Germany and the Global South – especially from African countries – are supported to jointly implement a project on one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.