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Hope Human Rights e.V.

Hope Human Rights e.V. is a charitable, non- profit approved association which promotes the international conviction of tolerance and broad-mindedness on all domains of Culture and International Understanding between domestic and overseas nations, especially in the domains of:

  • Creative Social-Service-Work with children and juveniles using artistic means, such as (Dance,
    Drama, Fine Arts including graphic arts, etc. etc.).
  • Intercultural exchange and intercommunication between the peoples with
    diverse descent.(native homeland, social rank, educational level etc.) through the application of  artistic means.
  • And through clarification and impartation of Human Rights for all Peoples.

Our Aims and Procedures

Tanja Jäckel an experienced Dance and Theatre pedagogy graduate founded Hope Human Rights Association in 2014.  Amongst other things Tanja Jäckel is the superintendent of the “Young Theatre Group” at the State Theatre in Konstanz and brought into being The HOOP Human Rights incentive.

From the very beginning our aim has been to foster intercultural dialogue between young people from all over the world.  It is our aim to introduce them to the Human Rights topics through creative social-work.  Our priority is, with the aid of creative and artistic means, such as drama, arts including painting as well as modern dance to bring the young generation closer to these most important intercultural themes.

With our workshops at schools, youth centres and other facilities, children and juveniles will obtain the opportunity, to express their experiences of their every-day lives in tales, dance and picturesque painting.  Through this mutual form of articulation; the adolescents will discuss in dialogue the profound themes of righteousness, equality or global liability which significantly affects them personally, as well as other contexts leading to intense discussions, concerning their own attitudes and conduct regarding global responsibilities.

Our Previous Work

From the very beginning, one of our big goals was to interexchange with Africa, preferably South Africa (because personal contacts already existed).  2014 the association, due to the support of the German Organisation and circle of friends, was able to achieve a Dance- and Theatre Project between South Africa and Germany.  Hereby the different sorts of lived-in worlds, out of Africa and out of Germany the juveniles and adolescents were confronted with the themes of Human Rights, whereby the different aspects were lit-up.  Over a period of two weeks, the juveniles respectively exposed the topics of Violence and Human Rights.  Under professional artistic depiction, and process there arose in the respective countries a most imposing piece of Dance Theatre, which was sourced by the differences, and orientating themselves on the perception of Human Rights and their implementation in diverse Cultures. The total project progression in both countries was led by a renowned South African film director and cameraman.  The success of the film documentation and hence the incurred interexchange across the continents, encourages “Hoop” to apply what has been learnt in further projects.

From the very first moment it seemed to us that due to the tense political world situation of eminence, to focus on cultural dialogues on the themes of Human Rights and Equality.   Especially contempt about Human Rights and their manifold of consequences such as inequality, poverty, and forlornness leads young people, to take to flight to Europe.

Dating back to autumn 2015 with the tighter refugee control situation in Germany, Hope Human Rights has given itself the assignment to seek dialogue with young refugees and to accompany them in their every-day-lives in Germany, in the Lake Konstanz area.  Since then a team of artists and Theatre Pedagogues have been working for e.g. at schools with groups of young Refugees and German youngsters, through the application theatre-pedagogue means and art therapy, trying to give them perspectives for their futures.  They discuss about the disregard of Human Rights in their home countries, and they speak and discuss and inform about the constitutional rights of the German democracy. However, the priority repeatedly is, the Cultural dialogue.

The meanwhile incurred and consolidated circle of friends, have decided to empower the work by forming a registered society, which for better international understanding shall be called “Hope Human  Rights.”  The enrolment in the register of associations with an annotation as a Public Charity Association we received in spring 2017.

Further development: Dance-Theatre Project 2018/2019 as an alternative Project

Since we have solely been in dialogue between the cultures in Germany for the past three years, we would once more like to, as Hope Human Rights e.V. to conduct and promote a project under real-life conditions with young multi-cultural people.  The work in Germany is most important, however it cannot substitute what we want to achieve through interexchange, the mutual appreciation of the cultures and likewise sustainable changes concerning key problems which mainly add up through globalisation in the southern countries.

2019 we want to realize, expand and further fertilise our experiences in an alternative project.  It should now come to a cultural exchange with a Dance- and Theatre Group from Konstanz with an Artistically Interested Group from Africa (presumably South Africa).  Both groups should visit each other in their respective countries, and mutually work with each other on a joint Theme about sustainability, respectively translate it   through creativity, with dance, theatre or music. Through personal encounters and insights in the every-day realities of the partner countries, the juveniles will gain the possibility to reflect one’s own role in the global and cross-linked world networks. Due to the common creative process of learning, the participants should get to know each other better, whereby they collectively expose the Global Questions of our world society and position themselves.

In practice over a period from one and a half up to two years, in the partner countries, should in a creative manner work on a mutual Theme. The focus could thereby be on the following Themes.

Do juveniles apprehend their global responsibility?

Do we contribute to the unfair distribution of worldly goods through our resource intensive life styles?

The concrete embodiment of the idea ensues on equality between the juveniles and the partner institutions.  Hope Human Rights e.V. would like to break new paths about global competencies and to promote the younger generation, and thereby globally with each other, who sustainably support each other.